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wellcome to our web site about publicity by email

What do we do? > > We make the distribution and deliver of massive email with advertising text that you want. Also, we can do that your web site opens DIRECTLY in the screen of the Outlook of the email's receptor. (yes, we do bulk mailing for you)  

To who do we made the email deliver? > > To the email addresses that your you wish, we have a lot of  data bases (more than 400) by headings, activity, profession, or countries, or if you prefer, we can send massive mails to an email addresses data base that you provide to us. 

And.. if we do not have the base that you have interests... ??? >> We do searches with robots in Internet in less of  72 hs we will have de emails data base in relatioship with key words of your interest (just as a search in Yahoo, Altavista, etc). We look for emails of any heading, in  any country of the world 

What do we send? > > we send an advertising text with or without images that you design 

And... if you do not know design? > > It is no problem, only you send us a simple text of which you want to promote and we will give form , design, color, etc to it

How much does it  cost? > > Usually the cost is U$S 3 every 1000 mails sent, more a fixed charge by configuration of U$S 8 for only text, or U$S15 for text with images. (the price varies according to the type of service)

How can you paid for the service? > > By Western Union 

How long it takes? > > All can be made in less than 72 hs. At the end of the deliver of emails we will send to you a report  that discriminates the amount of emails sent, so that you can corroborate the deliver

You want to use the service... How can you do? > > send us the text that you want for the mailing and tell us which bases do you want to send it. 

Sorry by our terrorific english. Our native language is the Spanish, nevertheless you can send an email to us written in english, we will understand it perfectly. Just put in the subjet the following phrase "pedido de presupuesto por publicidad por internet" THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT to us

Write only to argenet4@bigfoot.com

The spanish version of this site is much more complete, but this is the basic information that you need to work together.



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